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Jan 04, 2015 by Anna

This one is so cool! Highly recommend to use.

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Learn To Hack Facebook Passwords Free Online

Hack Facebook Passwords Free Online
Learn to hack Facebook passwords free online is probably the most asked requirement nowadays. We see some people downloading many fake applications or following some tricks on Facebook to learn to hack Facebook passwords free online. Many people give the question that “Is it possible to hack a Facebook account?” We think that it is very easy to hack into someone Facebook account if you have good knowledge of hacking Facebook and the patience.

So, in this post we will show you some ways to learn to hack into someone Facebook account in order to help you protect your account.

I will explain some commonly used methods which hackers usually implement to hack into Facebook account.

How To Hack Facebook Passwords Free Online

Social Engineering
Hack Facebook Passwords Free Online
Social engineering is a technical methods used to break into systems or corporate networks. This process is used to mislead users of the system, or persuade them to provide information that may help us to defeat the security department. It is very important to understand about Social Engineering, because hackers can take advantage of it to attack on human factors and break existing security system. This method can be used to collect information before or during the attack.

In this method you cheat your victim to answer the security question on their profile to reset their password. You can find the security question by going to the link https://www.facebook.com/recover.php, and fool your friends so that they can answer these question. Some information relating to this type of question is “your mother’s birthday, your teacher’s name…”. To prevent this attack, the best solution is not to answer the question involving in your security question.


In this kind of attack, the hacker uses a software which is able to steal the victim’s information. This software can steal files and save information such as passwords, history or cookies in your browser.
The most popular software that is used to retrieve someone’s Facebook password by hackers is Keylogger, it will record all keystrokes of the user and sent it to the hacker. This is the easiest kind of hacking Facebook account.

Hack Facebook Passwords Free Online
With this method, the hacker will create a similar login Facebook page which is cheat people to enter their email or password to hacker. This kind of hacking method is getting totally popular because many people are not aware of the page they are logging in.

Reset Password

This is one of my favorite method. In the Facebook page, you click on ” Forget My Password”. Very quickly, serve will send you a password reset link to your email. Therefore, if you can log in the target person victim’s email you can get the password easily. However, if Facebook permit you to reset the password by sending a code to the phone, you will have difficult in getting that code and maybe, the victim will detect his account is attacked and he will send a notification to the Facebook administration, and your purpose will be fail. Thus you need to consider carefully before doing.

There are some useful methods that is used to learn to hack Facebook passwords free online. If you like this post and want to learn hacking Facebook account, visit our website.